Care mapping

In 2011 I was asked to talk about what it’s like to raise a child with complex health care needs. I struggled long and hard to find the right words, but eventually pulled out a bunch of colored markers, sat down at my table, and drew this diagram which I shared with them.

The image contained all of the people, organizations and agencies that I relied on and partnered with to create good health and a good life for my child and our family.

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This illustration has been used thousands of times to depict the needs and resourcefulness of people living with multiple chronic conditions. Families have created their own to make sense of the often confusing and even rich network that they depend on for good health and care.

Requesting permission to use my care map image

If you would like to request permission to use the care map image, please do so by sending an email describing who you are and how you’ll use it to cl (at) I try to answer quickly. 

Please note that I do not grant permission for it to be used by private companies, or without understanding the message it is trying to support.

How to make your own

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