New Maps, New Possibilities – A Courage to Lead® Retreat Series

A 4-session online program for leading in ways which feel healthier, more humane and life-giving

Every other Sunday, October 9 – November 20, 2022

At the heart of authentic leadership is the courage to be fully human – to take risks, to care deeply and to take action even in the midst of change and uncertainty. Courage to Lead® is rooted in the belief that effective leadership flows from the identity and integrity of the person. Courage retreats and programs help us to move beyond leadership techniques and tools to (re)connect with the essence of what guides and sustains us in our life and work. 

In this Courage to Lead retreat we invite you to join with others to explore our own leadership through metaphors offered by maps and navigation: to reconnect with our inner compass and to the sense of purpose that calls us out into the world. Through conversation, creative process and deep listening, we hold space for each other to find new ways of finding our way among the harsh realities and hopeful possibilities in our leadership and work.

Courage and Renewal® retreats:

  • Renew heart, mind and spirit through the exploration of the inner and outer landscapes of our lives
  • Identify and honor our gifts and strengths, and acknowledge our limits and boundaries
  • Move beyond either-or thinking into holding paradox and complexity in life-giving ways
  • Connect us with others seeking similar insights — who listen to and encourage each other, who honor each other’s differences
  • Explore the connection between attending to the inner dimension of our lives and the impact we have on personal and professional communities

These programs and retreats are rooted in the Circle of Trust approach, which has a common set of principles & practices. These principles & practices provide a strong foundation and trustworthy container for a process of shared exploration of vocation, life and work.

Who this program is for

Though some of us might not consider ourselves as ‘leaders’ in any formal sense, the reality is that we are all called to lead regularly. This program is open to people from a diverse range of fields who are interested in exploring and strengthening their leadership in their organizational, community or personal roles.

‘Leadership’ is a concept we often resist. It seems immodest, even self-aggrandizing, to think of ourselves as leaders. But if it is true that we are made for community, then leadership is everyone’s vocation, and it can be an evasion to insist that it is not. When we live in the close-knit ecosystem called community, everyone follows and everyone leads.

Parker J. Palmer


This retreat series will take place on-line in three-hour sessions every other Sunday for four weeks. 


  • October 9, 2022
  • October 23, 2022
  • November 6, 2022
  • November 20, 2022


  • 9am-12pm Eastern
  • 3-6pm Central European time

To find the time of the event for you:

Sessions build on each other, and the program works best when all participants participate in all of them. Before registering, please check that you are available for all four sessions. 

Program cost

We acknowledge that there are systemic barriers that make it difficult to participate and access programs. We work to support those who are unable to pay the full cost of programs, while providing a living wage for facilitators and covering the costs of learning programs.

We name the true program fee to allow those who are able to pay this cost to do so. We don’t want financial barriers to prevent anyone from participating in a learning program so we also offer a subsidized program fee.

True Program fee – $280 for the series

Subsidized Program fee – $150 for the series

Early bird before August 15 – $230 for the series

Cancellation Policy

We understand that life challenges emerge and changes happen. If you must cancel, you can receive a full refund minus a small processing fee of $25 up until October 1. After that time we will offer a partial refund of $100.

Cancellations will be accepted in writing only and must be received by the stated cancellation deadline. Please email


Cristin Lind is a facilitator and change leader passionate about helping people to collaborate in innovative ways that create value for the greater good.

Her early career in public arts management shifted after the transformational experience of parenting a child with complex needs. For the past 11 years, she has worked to improve healthcare quality and equity both in the US where she is from, and in Sweden where she now lives. In her work, she draws on her training in community organizing and systems transformation.

Today she facilitates collaboration in multi-stakeholder communities and events, including researchers, policy makers, industry, civil society, clinicians and the public, for the Swedish Disability Rights Federation. Her former collaborative partners have included Harvard Medical School, Dartmouth College, Karolinska Institutet, the National Institute for Children’s Healthcare Quality and The BMJ. Cristin is also a facilitator-in-preparation at the Center for Courage & Renewal.She shares her experiences about parenting, living and leading in complexity in her blog.

Tara Reynolds is a community organizer with a passion for building trust in relationships and organizations. She is a Co-Founder of WholeHeart, Inc., a US-based charitable organization, whose mission is to support inner transformation that leads to social transformation. Tara is a Courage & Renewal® Facilitator, prepared by Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal. She is also a certified Life and Wellness Coach, trained by the Canada Coach Academy.

Tara has served in numerous leadership positions, including as a School Board Chair. She currently is a member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Courage & Renewal. In her various organizational roles, Tara has had the privilege of working with young leaders and activists, PhD scholars, school administrators, physicians, CEOs, and philanthropists–seeking to lead lives of greater integrity and purpose.

Tara finds magic in the wisdom of children, the beauty of the natural world, and the power of a good open and honest question. She enjoys working, learning and laughing with her husband, Brian. Their business partnership, Tandem Truths Consulting, provides leadership development, training, and coaching.

Technical and logistical requirements 

To participate you will need a computer or laptop and a good broadband connection, a pen and some paper and a place that will allow you to be present and undisturbed. To create a space safe for everyone, we ask that you be prepared to turn your camera on and to wear headphones to protect the privacy of others if you are in a shared space. 

Event images courtesy of Unsplash.