Dec 4 – Centering Circle – A mini-retreat for leaders

Centering Circles are live, on-line sessions offering a space to get quiet, reflect, share and hear what’s happening within you and others. By pausing to examine our inner world, we become more able handle complexity, to sustain our energy and to lead with integrity in the outer world – for each other, our families, our organizations and our communities.


LIVE Weekly Centering Circles

During this unprecedented time, many people are finding that by reflecting on and integrating what's happening to them, they can experience more resilience and wholeness. From this place, they can also be of more service to those around them.

For eight weeks, I'll be offering one-hour, weekly Centering Circles, virtual group gatherings that provide a space to pause and connect with yourself.

Can you see their health? A salutogenic take on parenting, leadership and change
Photo by Josh Calabrese

Can you see their health? A salutogenic take on parenting, leadership and change

As a parent of a young adult with physical and developmental disability and multiple chronic conditions and as a healthcare change agent, I’ve been thinking about how paradigms in healthcare influence how I see and experience my life and my work. In particular, I’m noticing how a new paradigm in particular is giving me a greater sense of ease and effectiveness.


To start a movement, tell a story

Increasingly, activists and change agents are using their own personal stories as a way to awaken leadership in others. Stories speak the language of emotion, the language of the heart. They not only teach us how to act, but also inspire us with the courage to act. Our stories help us translate our values into action by accessing our emotions.

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