Cristin Lind

I love helping change agents grow as authentic leaders and creating safe, inspiring spaces where they can collaborate with others.

When my son was born in 2002 with a rare genetic syndrome requiring complex care, I was overwhelmed and afraid. Over time, I found new skills, a new mindset and a remarkable community that helped me become a better advocate for my son and our family. 

That transformative experience called me to help others—patients, clinicians, caregivers and administrators—create better health and care together. I help leaders bring a service user perspective to complex processes like clinical improvement and innovation, research and conferences. 

Moving from Boston to Stockholm, Sweden, has given me an international network and experience. I’ve worked for and with patient advocacy and healthcare organizations like the Federation for Children with Special Needs, Rare Diseases Sweden, BMJ and the Stockholm County Council. For more details on my professional experience including publications, 

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