It’s not Groundhog’s Day here in Sweden but that won’t stop our family from the annual viewing of the Bill Murray classic. Tonight we’ll snuggle on the sofa while Bill awakens to Sonny and Cher for about, according to the DVD comments, 1000 years or so, reliving the same day until he gets it right.

When I first saw the movie years ago, it was merely a funny, clever film with wry Murray wit and all that Andy MacDowell hair. Over the years it has become a story of engagement.

For what is engagement if not a waking up to the realization that life could easily be an endless string of days filled with despair and confusion? That we can make a difference for ourselves and those around us simply by paying attention to what the world needs and then doing those things? That when we do that, we are free?

Am I right or am I right or am I right…or am I right?

Happy Groundhog’s Day, y’all, no matter what shadows, seen or unseen, are out there.

Published by Cristin Lind

Facilitator, consultant, speaker for better health and care through patient-professional partnership. Passionate about helping change agents build courage and agency. She/her.

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