The HuffPo article by Lisa Belkin, “Gabe’s Care Map,” generated a lot of conversation and interest in creating data-rich, holistic snapshots of just what it takes to raise our kids. I’ve heard from lots of parents who are already making their own. It’s so exciting!

Lisa and I continued the conversation on Friday on a segment on HuffPost Live. Joined by fabulous special needs mom and advocate Katherine Kowalski and Dr. Richard Antonelli of Boston Children’s Hospital, we talked about how care maps can be helpful not only for depicting the complexity of our care teams, but how care mapping can help make it easier for families and professionals to partner on care coordination.

More to come. Just wanted to get this link up for anyone who’s interested. Time to get back to playing!

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  1. You’re running in good company! I just read an article in the Feb. 4 TIME magazine about Al Gore and his new book. When he decided to turn his project (What are the key drivers of global change?) into a book, he cleared out his living room and filled the space with erasable whiteboards. Gore’s “mind maps of the complex forces” outlining chapters to be soon “…ran riot around the big room.” Keep the colored markers handy!

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