My care map generated a lot of attention and new friends over the last few days. There’s a media request for follow up from folks who went ahead and made their own. If you did and you’d be willing to share it, please let me know by leaving a comment. Thanks!

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  1. Hi Cristin… I’m working on mine. I did have something else similar that I wanted to share with you. I made a timeline of my daughter’s life for her first five years, b/c there was SO much info to keep track of with medical appointments and development, seizures, meds, etc. I’m an artist, so a visual graphic format worked for me, and saved me from toting my wall calendar to every appointment. Would love to share photos of it. I follow your Facebook page for this blog.. I’ll post one pic of it there. Let me know if you’d want to see more. I will be working on my care map today!

  2. Hello Cristin, I liked this post very much and, although I had been doing mind maps quite often for working purposes, you now inspired me to do a care map for my son.. Actually it is a very good instrument – if only for self-reflection purposes. It visualizes things very clearly. So, the first benefit already is to get aware of certain things by doing the map. A second benefit might indeed arise when showing the care map to some involved people. My experience with our son (I live in Switzerland but I do not think that this makes a great difference…) is very often similar to what you once wrote in one of your posts, that everyone is an expert in his specific sector but – obviously – can’t have the whole overview. And I agree with you that we – as parents – are THE experts as far as our children are concerned. But only both things together – our expertise of the single case and the expertise of the specialist for the matter or disease in general – can bring the best solution for our children.

    Your posts always inspire me.

  3. This all makes so much sense! I learned about you/your blog/the map via the Arc’s share of the Huff Post article. I’m a visual thinker who has done visual mapping for clients, but never occurred to me to leverage it for our family. Crazy. I will definitely be embarking on a care map for our son (8yo with spastic diplegia CP), and I LOVE the other poster’s idea of a visual timeline. Thank you!

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